Upload Excel spreadsheets

Use your spread sheet planning skills and upload excel records to Con-X, Both simple excel formats and advanced formats that cater for Assets and complex attributes can be easily be used. Import a day’s work load or 10,000s of jobs planned for the month.

Con-X Upload Excel spreadhseets, enterprise mobility
Con-X intergration with third party systems, enterprise mobility

Import from a current system

Import from your Current Systems, whether it be an ERP system CRM or Asset you can import jobs using one of Con-X many options. Support for flat files or XML, and most of the common systems have been addressed.








New jobs from the field

Create jobs in the field and copy any core details like customer or location from an existing field job, in a few clicks. Spot another sales opportunity, or see a repair that’s needed during a inspection job – no problem create direct from device

Con-X new jobs from the field, enterprise mobility

Manually create jobs

Manually create jobs just like a call center, the Con-X Base job creation window lets you create while on the phone, add notes, or Assets, and even validated address details geocoding the Latitude and longitude. Con-X will even auto-prompt jobs names and address and contact descriptions to make life simple.

Con-X manually create jobs, job dispatch

Create jobs from outcomes

Make a sale, and then why not create the procurement request for the store man. Got the gear then issue the installation job to the service person. And when the jobs done easily create a audit or inspection job to prove quality.

Con-X procurement request, issue job, enterprise mobility

Timetables of jobs

if you routinely visit a patient or inspect an asset on regular cycles then let Con-X generate the next visit automatically. Next visits can be planed around key cycles or in response to the latest visit.

Con-X routine inspections, planning, enterpise mobility