What is Con-X?


Con-X is a cloud-based job management solution, its designed for enterprises to create there own mobile app with no development needed and then manage a flexible job life cycle for services in the field.


Workflows are custom to how you do your business, and as its simple to create and use, your in total control. Con-X is stored off site in a secure private data center, which means demanding information such as photos and images are retrievable from a scalable environment.


All you need to access Con-X Base to create and manage jobs is a web browser. On the device you can complete field jobs with complete offline capability, with smart phones and tablets.


Con-X is designed to be used by businesses serious about enterprise mobility, its rapidly customisable and then interfaces directly with ERP, Asset or CRM systems with ease.


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The Con-X difference


The key differences between Con-X and other products are;


A Comprehensive enterprise mobility solution -

Con-X gives you a much more comprehensive enterprise mobility solution compared to other job scheduling and management products.


No Restrictions -

There is no restriction on the type or quantity of forms or processes that can be designed and dispatched to the field workers. Con-X empowers the business users. They can design business processes or any workflows they have currently in place, and can push them out to devices within a matter of hours without the involvement of IT.


Adaptable -

We make it as ubiquitous as possible in an organisation we don’t care about how many people are logging into the base portal to check on statistics, our pricing is based on a per device account, so regardless of the technology or how your business works a crew of 2-3 people with a device per person, or crews working shifts using same logins, you can adapt to Con-X, you’re not going to be forced onto any particular device or user license model.


More than job dispatch -

Con-X is much more than just job dispatch (designing and sending processes out to the field). You also collect a large amount of data and results on what’s happening.


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for more on how  Con-X can assist your business.





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