Continually improve your business at all levels...


Con-X hosts data your others systems can’t, online querying and charting gives you flexible insight into what needs to be improved and where. Dynamic charts filter field information so you can pinpoint improvements and react.


Con-X charting improve work processes, enterprise mobility

Lightweight & agile data

Collect it all and update only the specifics. Legacy systems can be hard to change, ERP systems costly to modify and CRM or Assets systems complex to add comprehensive data to. With Con-X you can keep feature rich data at the field service level, like photos, calculation figures and details and rework, and send only the needed data to your other systems.



Con-X lightweight agile data, enterprise mobility

Manage what matters

We measure everything so you can mange what matters, and with Con-X diversity and flexibility you have endless options in improving work in the field. Not only are core services mobilize but supporting activities that have all used paper can all be executed on a mobile device. Periodic inspections of vehicles or equipment, staff assessments or even team questionnaires.









Con-X measure what matters, staff assessments, diversity, flexibility

Online Charting

Use online charting to gain high level understanding on performance in the field, completion rates at any dimension trackable. Active charting filters the data when you select appropriate objects to drill down on.



Con-X online charting, enterprise mobility

Data on demand

Display charted data on maps in its transactional form. Use practical business logic, (show me all assets of condition grade 3, that have had 2 visits in the last 20days, made out of wood, and north of latitude X... on a map) then revisit this at a single click



Con-X charted data on maps, enterprise mobility, job dispatch

Data analytics

When it all needs to go into hyper drive, subscribe to our Business Intelligence engine we will work with you on Data Cubes to suit your business. Improvement metrics that keep you in control.




Con-X data analytics, enterprise mobility, reporting