Paper forms to a PDA in under an hour...


Create simple or complex forms, with no development needed, and mobilize your paper forms to a PDA or tablet in under an hour. You’re in control; no development charges, no consultants just supercharged tools for those in charge of the field.

Con-X mobilise on any device, enterprise mobility

The right tools for Enterprise

Deploy to the enterprise, on smart phones or Tablets and ensure compatibility with existing windows mobile rugged computers or enterprise data assistances. We are about enterprise, and tools for getting the job done right in the field so we support devices that can take a beating work in the rain and scan barcode like a professional.



Con-X rugged mobile device, tablet, pda, mobile phone

Mobile app - no coding skill needed

Con-X allows any business person to create a mobile form or process and deploy it to a pda or tablet with no development needed. If you can select drop down lists and drag and drop things you have the power to build a Con-X Filed application. If you have staff currently filling out paper forms you have
the power to make instant improvements in under an hour.








Con-X field intelligence, mobile app without coding, job dispatch


Ensure business rules are applied quickly and simply

Apply validation to your service application for what’s important for your business



Con-X validation, business rules applied quickly, enterprise mobility

Connect your team

Use your existing smartphones to roll out across the organization. Heatlh and safety forms, employee assessments or other forms done easily, every body can connect their services across the organization – you have choice and therefore control!


Con-X wireless connect with your team, job dispatch

Implementation fast and easy

Run as many forms, workflows and Con-X applications as you need with no implication to costs, this means your always improving on your investment the more that is mobilized. If your in a rush we can design and build the processes for you because we are fast you will be banking in hours.





Con-X implementation fast and easy, enterprise mobility

Customised control

Copy and modify applications creating multiple versions, run them in the field and see the difference and improvement. Drag and drop task orders and deploy to 100s of people in seconds. We focus on complete customization done by you – with super simplicity.




Con-X customised control, flexibility, enterprise mobility