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May 6 2016


Feature Article:

Job Detail: The detail you need to make the right decisions

Con-X is a powerful application that allows enterprise to manage their remote workforce easily and effectively without the need for paper forms.


We’ve previously shown you how Con-X Base allows a user to keep track of job progress with one-click reports. Today we’ll show you how one-click information tabs allows you to drill in deeper. By having various aspects of a job at your finger tips, Con-X allows you to form a holistic picture of field events enabling smarter decision making.


One-click information tabs can be found below the job report list, inside the job info window. With a job from the list selected, simply click on each tab to reveal more detail.



Here is a brief look at some key information tabs:


Notes -– This is where your job and task notes reside in one place. This includes notes related to site intelligence, field notes and job notes passed down as part of the work that needs to be done.


Photos -– Any photos taken in the field will be categorized under the task they were taken, numbered, and GPS data noted. The photos can also be compressed an emailed to you with 1-click.


Results – This is the actual field data that is entered for the mobilized work process. A very convenient way to conduct spot audits & have quick reference to key details.


Status history – This is your master ledger for the job life cycle. What happened to a job? Who was it assigned to and what happened next? With an easily deconstructed view, you gain an instant perspective and audit trail.


In addition to the above there are multiple data points both flexible and real-time that enable you to oversee your field operations  and take intelligent decisions.


The Job info window also has a chart tab, where you can view job progress graphically. These graphs make identifying abnormalities quick and easy.



If you’re serious about enterprise mobility, and you’re looking for a fast and effective way to manage jobs in the field, contact the team at Con-X.







April 29 2016


What is Con-X?

A brief description of Con-X and what we call "Field Intelligence"

Con-X Base

Con-X Field

Con-X is a cloud-based job management application with two parts - Con-X Base and Con-X Field.

Con-X Base is for people who manage the work completed by a remote team. Usually this management is done from an office or centralised location often referred to as “base”.


All you need to access Con-X Base is a web browser. A Con-X Base user will log into to the Con-X web-based portal and have the ability to create, plan and mobilise jobs in the field. Con-X allows customisation of workflows, meaning you can create a work process compliant to any required standard. Mobilised jobs are sent to a Con-X field users mobile device.

Con-X Field is for people who do the work, e.g. electricians installing meters, parks maintenance staff cleaning graffiti, anything at all, no matter what industry Con-X can be used to manage and complete any type of job in the field.


A Con-X Field User will open the job from their mobile device, complete the required fields as prompted, taking notes, photos etc, this can be done without needing to be online. When completed the jobs are sent back to Con-X Base for review and analysis.


By reviewing and responding to job demands and progress in near real-time, Con-X allows a business to be very agile, and very smart. The Con-X team call this “Field Intelligence”.


Con-X is designed for businesses serious about enterprise mobility. Businesses can implement Con-X quickly and easily and it can interface and be the flexible front end to your CRM, ERP, accounting or asset maintenance system.


To find out more about Con-X or how to get started, get in touch now.

April 22 2016


Looking for job progress this week?


If you currently manage a remote workforce, or you are a remote worker, then you are likely familiar with the unique challenges a widely dispersed workforce can present.


At any one point in time there is most likely hundreds of tasks being carried out by your remote workforce team, some tasks are potentially hazardous, others are highly complex, some are rapid and repetitive, and some just seem to take forever to complete.


But one thing is constant – someone, usually your customer, will want to be assured that the work you’re doing is progressing successfully, and will be completed within deadlines.


That’s where the Con-X application can help. A Con-X Base user can quickly and easily set up one-click reports to track job progress, here’s how it’s done:



Review job progress for a single job

From Con-X Base create a report by clicking "Add Report"

Name your report, then choose the conditions you want to filter by, for this example we will choose "job number". But you can add as many conditions as you wish.


Leave the job number window blank and tick the "prompt" box. Click "ok" at the bottom to save the report.

Your report for job progress nows appears in the list "My Reports"

Click on the report, and you'll see a dialogue box appear, prompting you to enter a
job number.

Review job progress for a group of jobs with a particular condition
(e.g. status)

Say you want to review all jobs that have status of "scheduled". Click "add report", name your report, then create a condition "field job status", select "scheduled".

Your job progress report now sits in the "My Reports" list, click on it to reveal all jobs that have status "scheduled".

Automatic notifications of job progress

If you need to be immediately notified on certain conditions. The Con-X business team can create a Con-X Base action that automatically notifies you via email with a pdf report on a certain jobs.

April 15 2016


Reports Delivered with Purpose

Sharing Reports with Con-X


Last week, we showed you how to create one-click reports with Con-X.


Creating the report is vital, however in order for reports to turn business decisions into successful ones they need to be delivered to the right people, at the right time, in a format that they can use for meaningful analysis.


This week - we’ll look at the many ways you can share your report using Con-X. And show you that with Con-X’s flexibility, businesses will always have the right report at their fingertips.

Sharing My Report with other Con-X Users (Global list)


Say you have created a customised report within Con-X, you know your report will be useful for other colleagues using Con-X to access. Here’s what you do;


  • Inside “My Reports” right click on the report you’ve created.
  • Click “share”.


  • Your report will now be added to the global reports list, accessible by anyone in your team using Con-X.

Copying a Global list report to your own custom report list (My Reports)


If you see a report within the Global report list that you know will be useful to you on a regular basis, here’s what to do;


  • Inside the Global report list, select the report you want to copy.
  • Right click on the report and select “copy”
  • The report you have copied from the Global list will now appear in the “My Reports” section.

Copy and pasting report data


Here’s what to do if you need to copy data from your report into an external document such as Microsoft Excel;


  • Highlight all the data in your report table by clicking on the top left corner square.
  • Control+ C or Right click copy anywhere within the table.

Paste the data into an Excel spreadsheet, the data will retain it’s named column format.

Export/Extract Report in Excel or pdf formats


And finally, here's how to share your Con-X report with others outside of Con-X, using the most user friendly file formats;


  • Right click anywhere inside the table
  • Select “export”, then choose either “report” or “Extract”
  • Under the Extract tab, choose from multiple excel formats, click “Get Report” to create the Excel file.
  • Under the Standard Reports tab, choose from a list of predefined pdf formats.

April 8 2016


Con-X One-click Reports


Everyday, Con-X customers are completing jobs in the field, a lot of jobs. Many have tens of thousands to execute and report on each day. How do they deal with that kind of volume in an efficient way?


Built within Con-X Base is reporting. This allows a user to search, display and tabulate results from the field all with a few clicks. A Base user can also create their own custom report, with their own specific layout (e.g. map, job grid and charts) that once saved, stays as a predefined report in "My Reports".


This is useful for reports that you know you'll need to generate repeatedly e.g. jobs that need scheduling. And because Con-X updates in near real-time, you can also monitor jobs in progress.


With your custom report created, now anyone using Con-X Base can review and monitor jobs, with one click.


Now that's instant gratification, and an intelligent way of reporting with Con-X.



April 1 2016


How to Create a Health and Safety Reporting Task


Con-X allows you to create whatever tasks you need to include as part of a workflow. This customisation can be done from Con-X Base or from the Con-X Field mobile device.


Health and Safety Reporting tasks are important aspects of a workflow, as they prompt workers to identify any hazards at the work site, which can then be reported back to base within minutes.


By adding Health and Safety reporting tasks to your workflow, you are inherently creating a safer method of working for your field staff, one that can be compliant to any requirements whether they be legislative or customer demands.


Below is a step by step guide to creating a Health and Safety Reporting Task in Con-X.

Creating a H&S reporting task from Con-X Base:


Step 1


  • Within your selected workflow, right click inside the workflow task area
  • Select  "Add Task"


Step 2


  • Complete info on the right hand side and click Save.


Step 3


  • Select Task Item tab
  • Right click and select "Add Task Item"


Step 4


  • On the right hand side, select appropriate details specific to that task item, and click “Save” Once done.


Step 5


  • Repeat the above for as many Tasks and/or task items you wish to have in your workflow.


Creating a H&S reporting task from your mobile device (Con-X Field):


Note: The workflow must be predefined in Con-X Base in order for you to be able to add a job from your mobile device.


Step 1


  • On the job screen, tap on menu icon.
  • Select  "Add Job"


Step 2


  • Select your work stream, and other appropriate values, then tap on Save Job.


Step 3


  • Back on the job screen, tap on the job you just created.


Step 4


  • Tap on Health and Safety Reporting.


Step 5


  • You can add photos and notes to this task item by selecting one of the options indicated by red arrows below.

  • Fill in the form, and tick Task Complete at the bottom of the form indicated by blue arrow..

For more info on how Con-X can assist your Business, contact us.

March 25 2016


Feature Article:

Dismantling Ticking Time-bombs

Niggle Reporting at Wells using Con-X


Imagine you are at work loading boxes onto a shelving unit, you start to feel your muscles tire on the last box, and shortly after you feel a slight twinge in your lower back as you go to pick up a label maker on the floor.


“Hmm that was a bit sore” you say as you give it a twist “but feels ok now– she’ll be right” and you continue with your day.


Over the next few weeks you notice the twinge every now and then at work, it seems to come on every time you’re bending over or lifting something. But you feel it still isn’t painful enough to mention to anyone “I don’t want to come across like a softy - complaining about tiny wee niggles” you say.


One day you are driving to a client meeting, you get out of the car opening the back door to reach in and grab your folder when…agony!…your lower back feels like it’s on fire, you can’t walk or even move it an inch. The client is waiting, how will this look?!


Suddenly your mind races back to weeks earlier when you felt a “niggle” – if you had reported this Niggle when it happened, the HSE team would have investigated, perhaps advising your lifting technique was wrong, or recommending rest or lighter duties for those following weeks.  With the niggle properly managed, you may have not seriously injured.


This theoretical scenario could be one of multiple “niggles” a person experiences during time at work, none of them are serious enough to need treatment. However any one of them could eventually led to a serious injury.


Some people may be tempted to write off niggles as “no harm, no foul” situations. But Wells with their innovative tool Con-X have decided to track near misses, determine how and why they occur, and take corrective action to prevent similar – or more serious – incidents from happening in the future.


“We don’t look at what happened; we look at what could have happened” – Saju Kuriakose, Business Improvement Manager
at Wells


Looking at a typical safety pyramid below with average number of incidents/year to the right, you can see how the number of minor “near hit” incidents reported is much larger than the more serious ones, if niggles are reported - the likely number will be even greater still, totalling well over 5000/year.

“Our key business requirement was to give our staff the ability to report their niggles immediately, the report needed to be really easy to complete so that there was no barrier to getting it done right then and there. We expect a large amount of niggle reporting, and we encourage it. The more data you receive the easier it is to accurately find trends, these trends will help us better understand high risk factors to developing niggles, whether they be people or environmental factors, allowing us to develop ways to improve our work methods BEFORE an injury occurs.”


The application Con-X was able to manage the large amount of niggle reporting in a responsive and meaningful way for Wells. Using Con-X Base the HSE team could add a niggle report to Con-X Field handheld devices


Staff using Con-X Field simply create a task within their job, after filling in 2 simple fields (describing the niggle and taking a photo if applicable), the niggle report is sent instantly as a pdf to the HSE team, who evaluate and can advise where needed.

Using Con-X, Wells are able to gather intelligence quickly and easily from their workforce, and use this to create a safer and even more productive workplace. Con-X allows Wells to identify and manage “ticking time-bombs” – those small niggles that occur often within a workforce, that left unnoticed can explode into costly injuries for both the employer and employee. Wells uses Con-X as a tool to “dismantle” these ticking time-bombs.

For more info on how Con-X can assist your Business, contact us.

March 18 2016


Con-X lifeline to lone workers


In any industry, maintaining the health and safety of a workforce is a top priority. With a mobile work force this becomes more challenging particularly if a business has lone workers in the field.


Con-X helps businesses improve their health and safety procedures by enabling them to create and add risk assessments to field activities as part of the work flow. This can include hazard identification before a task is undertaken – or while in the field so information can be relayed back to the management team to assess the best course of action.


And by building in health and safety checks in the work flow ensures the right equipment is available to be used for the safety of your team and your customers.

With a GPS locator, you can see where any of your staff are at any time, what they are doing, and where to find them. This function offers far greater lone worker visibility. Personal alarms mean businesses can reduce the risk and potential harm to lone workers with a practical SOS locate and help ability.


And in a programme of continual improvement towards health and safety, all information about hazard identification procedures can be captured electronically so it can be learnt from.


Con-X also encompasses special services for known hazardous areas by providing intrinsically safe devices for safe use in these areas.


Contact Us to discuss HSE options to improve your teams and customers safety.