Mobilising paper-based enterprise


With Con-X job management software, pre-existing paper forms or workflows can be mobilised in under an hour, completely transforming enterprise mobility. All this without any development required meaning you’re in control of the application life cycle and not dependent on any third party.

Con-X job managament software mobilising paper-based enterprise

Job Dispatch workflows in seconds


Workflows and process can be dispatched to mobile PDAs and Tablets in seconds, special controls like dropdown lists, signature boxes and photo capture all added simply. Quality of information can be driven through process, and if something needs changing, such as steps in a process – just drag and drop them into another order, changes can be done in minutes.

Con-X job managament software job dispatch workflows in seconds, field intelligence and enterprise mobility

Get the right mobile devices


Best Device for the job. Extensive device options from $300 Android smart phones to Enterprise class rugged mobile computers. Con-X is for Enterprise so those serious about enterprise mobility are assured of future proof options to meet there organisations needs.

Con-X job managament software get the right mobile device, job dispatch, field intelligence and enterprise mobility

Cascading logic


We don’t take a form on glass approach, that’s the 80’s man – it’s about the right information to the right person at the right time. Build cascading logic into your workflow so tasks are created when they are needed to be created and results calculated on device removing manual steps.

Con-X job managament software cascading logic, job dispatch, field intelligence and enterprise mobility

Create jobs from anywhere


Add Tasks in the field manually as exceptions arise or let business logic do it for you. New Jobs can be created in the field also, or jobs can be created from other jobs like automatically creating an audit job after an install has been done.

Con-X job managament software create jobs from anywhere, job dispatch, field intelligence and enterprise mobility

More than just enterprise mobility


Con-X can manage the complete job life cycle, allow detailed reporting and offer scheduling for resource management. Interface with legacy systems and utilise as much or as little of the mobility platform as needed.

Con-X job managament software more than just enterprise mobility, job dispatch, field intelligence and enterprise mobility

Automated processes


Results from work in the field can be automatically sent to your ERP systems, SMS to customers of completion status, and emails with photos to key stakeholders on important field outcomes.

Con-X job managament software, automated processes, job dispatch, field intelligence and enterprise mobility