Manage quality, prove compliance and report results..


Results from the field are available in seconds, use GIS maps to locate jobs for improved efficiency, view performance and compliance the way you want to. View photos to manage rework and ensure quality instantly.

Con-X review results, quality and compliance, enterprise mobility

Intelligent photo capture

Photos capture and gallery tools are out of the box, you can collect detailed images automatically tags to the person, place and time that they are taken. But also the “context” in which they are taken. Gallery tools allow zooming and editing or automatic emailing of photographic evidence of compliance in the field.



Con-x intelligent photo capture, GPS tracking, camera, gallery
Con-x intelligent photo capture, GPS tracking, camera, gallery

Flexible and fast reporting

With complete flexibility in mobile processes comes similar flexibility in reporting. Create specific views of your field data and save them so you can view performance on a single click.









Con-X flexible and fast reporting, enterprise mobility

Improved quality & accuracy

On results that need attention, send the work back out to another field person at a click of a button; rework the job for improved quality. Unsure on compliance then right click the job and replicate it, change the workflow to an audit activity and send it out to the field for inspection.




Con-X improved quality, compliance, rework, job dispatch

GPS locating

Geo locate the results from the field, if you can imagine a question around your field data, we can compile it as a button and then show every instance on a map.



Con-X GPS locating, enterprise mobility, mapping

Easy accounting and billing process

Report all results to legacy systems, send field service sales direct to accounting systems for invoicing, patient results saved to your CRM system and if its Assets your interested in then condition and inspection information interfaced direct to your ERP.




Con-X easy accounting and billing, interfacing, enterprise mobility

Flexible reporting format

Export the data in reports, from photographic detailed PDFs, with embedded GPS tracking, to flexible excel for latter analysis or import to other systems




Con-X flexible reporting, export pdf, embedded GPS tracking, photo reports