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Customisable by the business for those serious about service agility

Improved Compliance, Conformance and Customer Care that continually evolves 

Con-X is the next evolution of enterprise mobility. It's not just a mobile application form builder, but a platform of powerful field service tools.


Regardless of your industry - Con-X drives field service excellence by providing improved compliance, efficiency and quality of activities in the field.


Some call this a better way of working, we call it "Field Intelligence".


Flexible and Fast

Connecting to the systems you already have.

Insights and Efficiencies 

Collect detailed information across all services, gain trends - delight customers

Quality and Conformance

Apply complex formulas for testing, drive process for consistency. Automatically create digital certificates and documents

Improved Compliance

Cater for regulatory, policy or contract compliance. Move faster than the competition. 

Where Data is critical for continued success, Con-X drives business improvement removing barriers for change

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Specific Workflows for Industry that adapt to your specific business needs

Con-X is a powerful, and flexible field service tool, capable of mobilising any work process within your environment quickly and affordably. Our partners with experience in Energy, Utility and Environment sectors have created proven processes to cut cost out of implementation

Loaded with industry experience
Accessible from All Locations

A work platform that easily interfaces with existing systems, and affordable to be used for core services as well as a powerful form builder for support services. Con-X connects also with your clients or contractors for one bird's eye view of your field service environment.

What People are Saying

“How fast you are moving is more important than where you are.”
Guy Kawasaki, Rules for Revolutionaries

"Within eight hours we had a complete asset replacement program on the device, which replaced our previous system that took 6 months to implement..”

Dave - Operations Manager

"Con-X allows us to capture and use data the way we want, we know we'll always have software that can do the job regardless of how processes may change in the future.”

"Possibly the most adaptive service solution on the planet. The ability to pivot our business unlock efficiencies and tackle opportunities for growth is unprecedented" 

Philip - Systems Manager

John - Improvement Manager



Con-X is a tool that allows industry experts to create high-value solutions to field service problems. Our partners have added years of intellectual property and market understanding into specific work processes for your business. And have the expertise, speaking your lingo to tailor these solutions to fit your specific business needs.

Our approach dramatically reduces IT project time, in turn reducing cost and improving speed. It leverages the capability of industry know-how with the power of a sophisticated platform to apply that as a solution.


If your an expert in a particular field of service, a consultant in primary industry, utility or enterprise B2B environment and want to turn your knowledge into a SAAS solution - then contact us.



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